Tabby Cat / mug
Maintain your health by drinking plain hot water with your cat. If you put it side by side with the cat glass, it will be nice as an interior. Always have fresh plain hot water for cats.
Carrot / Farmer's canvas tote bag

Tabby cat telepathy /  Tabby cat canvas tote bag  Large 2way
I don't know what "meow" means. But sometimes we communicate with each other.
Carrot / Farmer's mug

Learn gardening in French / Farmer's canvas bag / ¥3500
After working in the garden, it's a design that makes you want to take a shower and buy fruit or herb seedlings. A simple shirt with a clean, washed-out feel and linen pants. White sneakers on bare feet. Then, take this canvas bag and go to the market by bicycle. It's nice to have two or three different designs.
Learn gardening in French Tee/ ¥3980
When I start growing something, I spend as much time as I can on it. There are many other important things, but the priority is postponed. I want to study a language, but I can't do it for the time being because there are many irregular things in addition to my daily routine work. That's why I designed it because I wanted to learn my favorite gardening work in French.